Coastal Wildflower Seeds

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Coastal native wildflower and grass seeds.  A mix of 31 species which can be supported in any garden and selected to support British wildlife.  These have been harvested on a small scale from native British wildflower meadows.   Ideal for gardens, containers, urban "guerilla gardening" or seedballs.   Ideally sown in summer or autumn.  

The beautifully designed paper packets and information card have been hand letterpressed by James and Katy at their Suffolk studio.

Sown seeds cover 4 square metres.   It is possible that not every seed will thrive in a given location, some may fare better than others.

A perfect gift or thank you favour.

Anthyllis Vulneraria / Kidney Vetch
Armeria Maritima / Thrift
Campanula Glomerata / Clustered Bellflower
Campanula Rotundifolia / Bluebell
Centaurea Nigra / Common Knapweed
Centaurea Scabiosa / Greater Knapweed
Dianthus Deltoides / Maiden Pink
Echium Vulgare / Vipers Bugloss
Galium Verum / Lady's Bedstraw
Helianthemum Nummularium / Rock Rose
Leontodon Autumnalis / Autumn Hawkbit
Liguisticum Scoticum / Scots Lovage
Lotus Corniculatus / Birdsfoot Trefoilmalva Sylvestris / Common Mallow
Oreganum Vulgare / Wild Marjoram
Papaver Rhoeas / Corn Poppy
Pimpinella Saxifrage / Burnet Saxifrage
Primula Veris / Cowslip
Rumex Acetosa / Common Sorrel
Saxifraga Granulate / Meadow Saxifrage
Silene Alba / White Campion
Silene Dioica / Red Campion
Silene Maritima / Sea Campion
Silene Vulgaris/ Bladder Campion
Succisa Pratensis / Devilsbit Scabious
Veronica Officinalis / Common Speedwell
+ 5 Grass Species