Enamel Three Pint Jug - Black

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Timeless enamelware from iconic English brand Falcon.

The 3 Pint Jug is ideal for chilled drinks or a simple serving of water. Tall and slender, our 3 Pint Jug also makes a fantastic vase for floral displays.

Enamelware is a durable material built to last; if you drop it, it may chip but it won't break and may even add to the appeal! Suitable for a range of interior styles and a perfect choice for commercial hospitality and outdoor settings. Porcelain fused on to heavy gauge steel.

3 Pint Jugs are 23 cm tall and hold 1704 ml.

Enamelware is suitable for gas and electric hobs, is dishwasher and freezer safe but not suitable for microwaves. Ovensafe up to 270 C.

Available in Black.